6 Free Ways to Keep Thieves Away From Your Home

home burglary protection

If you’re like millions of Americans, you’ll be hitting the road sometime before summer ends. Whether you plan a two-week road trip or a Labor Day weekend getaway, thieves may be looking forward to your departure.

How secure is your castle?

If you are unsure, there is some good news: There are several easy, no-tech ways to improve your home’s security for free — or next to nothing.

Following are our favorites:
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8 Cheap Ways to Keep Your Car Running Cool in the Summer Heat

With summer right around the corner, you’re probably already thinking about how to keep your home cool. But have you considered that your car also needs protection from the heat?

Most vehicles aren’t designed for extreme temperatures. They need special care when the mercury rises, particularly during summer road trips.

Driving an overheated vehicle can cause expensive damage. Running too hot can degrade engine oil, ruin gasket seals and seriously damage the engine.

Ensure a carefree summer on America’s highways and byways by paying attention to these eight things:

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How to Pay Less for a Wedding Dress

save on wedding dresses

First comes love, then comes marriage. Then comes the mountain of wedding debt you’ll have to pay.

Last year, couples spent an average of $33,931 on weddings and nuptial-related events, according to TheKnot.com. While the venues, engagement ring and even entertainment can cost thousands of dollars, the wardrobe isn’t far down the list of top expenses. The average cost of the dress: $1,631.

If you’re looking to dress for less while still wearing a spectacular gown, there are plenty of options online. They include:
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8 Times When You’re Right to Be a Cheapskate

save money

Nobody wants to be labeled a cheapskate. But sometimes, it makes good financial sense to purchase a cheaper option if you can.

A high price tag doesn’t necessarily make something better. Often, low-cost items will serve your needs just as well. Or, the higher-quality option might not be worth the extra money.

Other times, there’s little or no difference in quality between the priciest and cheapest versions of products. Here are eight times when it’s smart to be cheap.

Tiny Houses and Beyond: Alternatives to Traditional Homes

tiny home

Not content to live in traditional homes, some adventurous people prefer to reside in tents, trees, boats, steel boxes or even underground dwellings.

You may be looking for affordable housing, or you may want to live in a home that’s in harmony with nature. Perhaps you want a whimsical design that reflects your personality. Whatever your motivation, there’s no reason to settle for a standard home.

What follows are several alternatives that may appeal to you.

Cats or Dogs: Which Are More Expensive?

cost of dogs and cats

I love my dog, but whoever coined the phrase, “You can’t put a price on love” probably wasn’t a pet owner.

I’ve run the numbers, and between food, treats, toys, dog park memberships, vet bills and medicine, my large dog has cost me nearly $1,000 in a single year.

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The Complete Guide to Getting the Best Possible Deal on Car Insurance

auto insurance

When it comes to insurance, it’s a tug of war. You need to insure yourself against financial calamity. The insurance industry, on the other hand, wants you to insure against even the slightest inconvenience, because that’s how insurers make the most money.

But if you buy enough insurance to protect against inconvenience rather than calamity, you’ll create a calamity trying to pay for all your insurance.

This step-by-step guide is about paying as little as possible for car insurance, while still maintaining enough coverage. Many of the things you’ll learn here will also apply to other insurance policies you’ll encounter, from home and health to life.

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7 Reasons You Should Not Move for Retirement

retirement with family

Retirement is supposed to be a time when people move to Florida to sip drinks on the beach, or settle in Arizona to play endless rounds of golf.

But in reality, a huge percentage of Americans are happy to remain right where they are. A 2018 AARP survey found that more than three-quarters of people age 50 or older prefer to stay in their current homes as they age, as we reported in “The 5 Best Home Upgrades for Retirees.”

In fact, there are many good reasons for remaining in your hometown after retirement. Following are some of the best.

How to Save Up to 70% on 7 Everyday Purchases

money saving tips

Everybody dreams of a dirt-cheap wedding, or getting a steal of a deal on a house, or having someone magically foot the bill for our child’s college education.

But for most of us, those are pipe dreams. The real way to save money is to spend less of it, particularly by trimming the costs of more mundane purchases we make every day.

Following are ways you can cut costs on such recurring expenses.

11 Secret Uses for Everyday Items That Will Save You Money

house cleaning tips

It was the mayonnaise trick that sold me.

I have a grade-school daughter, and let’s just say she’s not always super careful about using coasters on our wooden coffee table.

Let’s also say that we don’t have the money to run out and buy another coffee table just because her glasses of ice water left behind some ugly white circles.

So, I did the modern equivalent of calling your mother for advice, and turned to the internet for a solution. Numerous home remedies came up, but for some reason I was drawn to the one that promised great results using mayonnaise.

Spoiler: It worked! And it’s inspired me to share my top cleaning and repair hacks: